The world´s most advanced Viking ship

Did you know that our Saga Farmann is the world´s most technically advanced Viking ship and can be steered by a joystick?

The 20 meters long copy of the Klåstad ship can literally turn 360 degrees on the size of a penny, dock sideways and dance tango on the water, it all lie in the hand of its Captain – and a joystick.

But its outboards and below sea level that the most important parts of the secret are to be found, in the shape of four PODs, each with integrated electric motor, gear and propeller. The PODs can be turned 360 degrees, either synchronous or separate from each other. Power is delivered from 96 lead batteries, hidden under the ship´s deck – where the also serve as ballast. 

SeaDrive is the company behind the development of the revolutionary pods, answering to the challenge when Oseberg Viking Heritage outlined our need for a rather different engine solution. The company´s solution won the prestigious 2020 Design Innovation Award at the Genoa Boat Show, and has since established a network of sales representatives around Europe and beyond. Orders are flowing in at an increasing rate. Not all new products can advertise that they have been “developed by and for real Vikings!”

The very same Vikings have started to use electric engines in addition to wind and rowing power. It does not get much greener than that.

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