The Oseberg wagon

Not counting the ship itself, the cart is the most spectacular object coming out of the Oseberg mound. It was old even when laid in the grave, made well before AD 800. The cart is one meter wide and two meters long, and could be dismantled for transportation. It was most likely used for ceremonial purposes, perhaps in the honour of the Norse fertility goddess Freya.

Freya´s cats

The outside is decorated with rich carvings. The front piece depicts a man being attacked by serpents, perhaps an illustration of the myth of Gunnar in the snake pit. The back of the cart shows a number of cats, this might have a connection to the woven Oseberg tapestry, where among other figures women can be seen in a similar cart, pulled by horses.

Oseberg Viking Heritage Foundation in Tønsberg has made an exact replica of the cart, at present on loan to Midgard Viking Centre at Borre, where it can be seen inside the Viking Hall.