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Contributions wanted

As a volunteer organisation, we still need funds for paying our professional boat builders, for all types of safety- and other equipment, insurances and office rent – to name but a few of our expenses. 

Contributions are therefore more than welcome! Sponsors of NOK 50,000 or more will in return be offered the exclusive use of one of our Viking ships with operational crew at a largely inflated rate. For those who donate even larger sums a number of marketing solutions can be discussed. Contact our Board chairman Einar Chr. Erlingsen –

Private sponsors who support us with NOK 1,000 or more will in return receive a real Viking ship rivet, hand made by one of our blacksmiths. Same contact Email as above.

Sponsors wanted for Saga Farmann

SAGA FARMANN is the world´s first electrically powered Viking ship! To reach full capacity, she needs 48 large batteries, each at the cost of NOK 2.500. We have already found sponsors to approximately half of that number. These are credited on a sponsor board at the Viking ship site.

Do you want to join them by becoming a sponsor? If so, send an Email to