Welcome to Viking festival !

It takes more than a pandemic to stop the Vikings! So you are hereby invited to our 7th Tonsberg Viking Festival – from August 12 to 15!

From Tønsberg Viking Festival 2020
From Tønsberg Viking Festival 2020

As were the case during our previous Viking festivals, entrance is for free, thanks to our generous sponsors and partners. 

“We do of course have to take the danger of infection into consideration and act accordingly,” says Festival Chief Ole Harald Flåten. However, judged by our experience from last year, we have good control. No one was contaminated during our 2020 festival, thanks to responsible behaviour amongst our visitors and volunteers alike. 

Market, songs and theatre

There will be a Viking market, and ample opportunities to try out your Viking skills, either as a rower, archer or perhaps at other typical activities. Our own ships will be accompanied by two more, the Gaia from Sandefjord and the French ship Bátar. 

Add to this a lot of other entertainment; theatre for children, Viking song and music, as well as a comprehensive program of lectures on almost anything Viking, and you´ll get an idea of what this years´ festival is all about. The lectures will be streamed on Facebook and tb.no


Due to the pandemic you must book tickets in advance to both lectures and Viking games. Tickets are free and can be booked here:  https://vikingsaga.no/

where you also will find our complete program – however in Norwegian only.

Welcome to Tonsberg Viking Festival 2021!