“Green light” for further development

On April 14 Tønsberg city council unanimously decided to go forward with SPIR Architects´ winning concept for further development of our Viking ship building site. 

Einar Chr. Erlingsen, chair of the Oseberg Viking Heritage Foundation.

Next step will be to work out the plan in further detail. This work is expected to begin in early autumn.

“This is a day for rejoicing for all who have believed on our vision: to build a living museum for Viking shipbuilding and other handicraft, based on the rich archaeological discoveries in Tønsberg and our near surroundings; the Oseberg, Gokstad and Klåstad excavations. Many have worked towards this vision for years, this brings us a long step forward, says Einar Chr. Erlingsen, chair of the Oseberg Viking Heritage Foundation.

“We want to share the honour with many people, not least our local politicians. They have believed in us and helped us all the way. We received a lot of praise during their discussions last night. This is praise we want to return: Thank you very much!”

Mr. Erlingsen emphasises that there still remains a lot of work before the goal is reached, not least regarding funding and future organisation of the information centre. “We understand and respect the many interests in this prime waterside location. I foresee a process that will take years, but at least now we have the tool that we need to start working towards our vision.”

Asked how the “Vikings” celebrated they city council´s decision, he replies: “We Vikings are sober people. There is also still the Covid 19 pandemic to consider. But we celebrated with an extra broad smile when we received the news!”