Money for the Viking Festival

The Vestfold and Telemark County Council has just granted NOK 75,000 to our annual Viking Festival, while Tonsberg Town Council grants another NOK 50,000.

“This means that we will can arrange also this year´s festival, Covid 19 or not,” says festival leader Ole Harald Flåten, before adding: “At least if we can judge by our experiences from last year. Our Viking festival 2020 was among just a handful of festivals in Norway actually arranged last year. We had more than 3,000 registered visitors, and not one registered corona outbreak after two weeks.”

This year´s festival will take place on August 12 – 15, with a mini festival on June 19 as part of the celebration of Tonsberg´s 1150 years anniversary. There will be no entrance fees to any of the two festivals.

“We are extremely grateful towards our politicians for supporting us, year after year,” says chair Einar Chr. Erlingsen. “Its much to their credit that we have been able to build two large Viking ship, and will start building the third in a very short time.”