Congratulations, Vibeke!

Vibeke Bischoff at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde had few problems in defending her doctoral dissertation on the Oseberg Ship this December.

Vibeke Bischoff on Saga Oseberg. Photo: Ole Harald Flåten
Vibeke Bischoff on Saga Oseberg. Photo: Ole Harald Flåten

Due to travel restrictions we were alas not able to be present, but could follow her defending her dissertation via the Internet. The same restrictions prevented us from being represented at the following doctoral dinner, but we were at least able to send her some flowers and sparkling wine, together with our warm congratulations.

Some days later we received the following greeting from Vibeke:

“Thanks a lot for the flowers and champagne. And THANK YOU, I could not have done this without you. The cooperation, and the trust which you have shown me, has meant the world to me.
The enthusiasm which you have built into the ship, has become the platform on which the Oseberg has finally re-conquered her good reputation. 
She sails as she looks – fantastic. But as my thesis also shows, sailing quality depends on the crew, not just the ship.”
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year